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Speech and Vocal Technique Lecturer 

Olwyn Jack

Olwyn Jack MA LTCL HonTCL taught elocution privately during her university studies and up to 1972 while bringing up her daughters. From 1972 until 2000 she taught speech and drama and communication skills at High School of Dundee. She then formed her own company Words in Action, expanding the age range of students and adding performance arts to the courses available. By then her students included those seeking to overcome nervousness in giving a speech, such as father of the bride, those seeking promotion and wishing to increase their interview skills, and those having to make presentations. She was a tutor with Voice Care Network, helping teachers to look after their voices. Since 1972 she has been the Public Centre Scotland representative for Trinity College London and was made HonTCl for her work promoting speech subjects. During this time at a TC workshop in 2012 she met Rachel Mearns who invited her to teach HNC and HND courses in vocal techniques. Olwyn is delighted to travel from Dundee to AAPA College where she can help students to improve their vocal skills as a preliminary to embarking on a performance career.

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